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Note: Our next available date is March 14th, 2011. You can reserve the next available spot today.

SmartAd: A Complete Advertising Package And A Smart Choice!

Dear web advertiser,

If you have a profitable offer to sell online - This is an incredible opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss out on. 

Recognize The Power - Think About Your Return-On-Investment - Evaluate Your Options - AND ACT QUICKLY! 

Because if you don't, you'll have to wait for months, for this profitable opportunity to come around again!

Listen -- powerful web exposure consists of 6 key elements:

  1. High traffic
  2. Multiple ad-serving methods - Email and Web presence
  3. Exclusivity
  4. Longer Run period
  5. Ad repetition
  6. Hot-Spot ad placement

We've combined all of the above in this Explosive Advertising Package.

Smart Ad Runs On A High Traffic Website

Your SmartAd runs on a steady and high traffic website. generates approximately 2.26 Million visits per year, that's 188,333 visits per month - 6277 visits per day!

The Real Reason For This Kind Of Traffic:

  • Business World List is a membership website.
  • Current active members: 101,977 and growing.
  • Website has been actively operating since Feb, 2001
  • Promoted all over the Internet by thousands of affiliates worldwide.

The next key element for a powerful web exposure is - email and web presence for your brand and offer...

Smart Ad Gives You Multiple Ad-Serving Methods - Intensive Email and Web Presence

1. By Email: Your 5 line text ad (or block image ad) is distributed to over 103,079+ members repeatedly by email. [view example]

2. Internal Mail System: Members of BWL use an internal email messaging system to communicate to the entire membership. Your ad is displayed under every piece of message they send using our proprietary software called AdAnnounce. Approximately 386 ad-announce postings are made per day! [view example]

3. Prime Hot-Spot Placement: Your ad is also placed on the main members page of 103,079+ subscribers of the list. As soon as members log in to use our services, they'll see your ad.

This combination of ad-serving exposes your offer repeatedly to members and new subscribers of BWL. 

The next key element that makes your offer stand out even more would be the 'Exclusive' ad-spot.

Your Ad Will Run Exclusively

Imagine getting all of this exposure 'Exclusively' for your brand and offer? We realize that Exclusivity is key to make an offer stand-out -- so we only offer ONE SPOT per ad-run (minimum for 1 month). Sound good?

A major key that contributes to the success of any ad campaign is the duration of which your ad runs...

It Gets Better and Better - SmartAd Runs For A Minimum Of 1 Month

The advertising power of a company is determined by the 'duration' and the 'volume' of advertising they are capable of purchasing. The longer your ad runs, the more money you make from it. SmartAd runs for a minimum of ONE WHOLE MONTH, non-stop. 

Another key advantage and an overall successful ad-campaign is 'Repetition'....

With SmartAd Your Offer Is Repeatedly In Front Of Consumers

They say, "ad-repetition builds trust' in any media advertising. When subscribers see your ad once, they may not respond right away, when they see it again and again -- it builds trust.

Your ad is displayed in multiple channels (email and web based) and gives people an opportunity to view it numerous times just in 24 hours -- for a minimum of 1 month duration.

Last but not the least, a most profitable and expensive element in any successful ad-campaign is the "Location and Placement of the ad".

SmartAd Puts Your Ad In High-Visibility Areas On Our Website

With offline businesses, they say there is ONE KEY FACTOR, if only one, that almost always determines the success of it. 'LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION'. It's not different in the online business world.

SmartAd also gives you prime location for your ad. The hot-spot area of BWL members area is the 'Top Right Corner' - and that's exactly where YOUR ad will be displayed.  

How Do I Take Advantage Of This Offer?

This is the kind of exposure every website owner awaits. If you have been waiting for a chance to boost your traffic and sales, don't delay it any longer. Get the next available spot today!

Next Available Spot.

The New SmartAd package bring a lot of value for your money - more exposure, longer run-time, better placement...etc. 

Our next available date is March 14, 2011. You can reserve the next available spot today.

BONUS ADVERTISING!! [A Limited Time Offer]

Reserve your spot today and get our special bonus - Email Marketing to Business World List subscriber contact list, currently 103,079 subscribers.


[Email ad to Business World List Contact List. 103,079 Subscribers]
3 Days $119 1 Mailing
6 Days $199 2 Mailings
10 Days $279 3 Mailings
15 Days $359 4 Mailings

NOTE: Credit card payments - Use our secure chat service to pay by a credit card. Chat service is available during business hours only. Mon-Fri 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.
Click Here to pay by credit card. To pay by PayPal, click the button above.


What to expect after payment: 

You will be directed to a submit ad form where you can submit your ad. As soon as we receive your ad, we will sent you an ad schedule.


If you need any assistance or have any question, click the the 'chat button' below during office hours and instantly chat with us.