Contact Solo Mailing Special!
Dear Marketer, 

If you are promoting a business opportunity, affiliate program, or a special offer -- and wish to get immediate signups, and increase sales -- I have good news for you.

The Business World List Contact Solo Advertising!

For a limited time we have opening up a solo mailing service to Business World List 'Contact Email addresses. This list mailing service offers a platform for over 49K marketers to cross promote their offers online. 

We have been fortunate enough to be known as one of the leading list advertising platform since 2001. 

A contact list is more than just a subscriber list or a mailing list. 

It takes years for a business to build a large 'Contact List'. When marketers join Business World List to promote and receive offers from other list members, they give us their personal email address, for billing related matters, and updates from us. 

The contact email address that they provide is their personal email address that they give special attention to -- and has agreed to receive, limited endorsements and Joint venture offers directly from our company.

Why Use Business World List 'Contact Solo Advertising'? 

  1. Contact email mailing gets ten times more open rate and click through than the regular list email. 
  2. Reach over 49K  member's contact emails. 
  3. Scheduled multiple solo mailings.
  4. The most affordable email advertising method online.
Mailing Package Regular Price  Order 

1 Mailing
(Sent within 24 hours)


What happens after payment? 

After payment, you will be taken to an ad submit form where you can submit your ad. Your ad will be formatted on our template and a schedule will be sent to you. You can also request a schedule while submitting your ad.

After your ad is processed, you will get a notification immediately.


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